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High Risk


Some travelers are considered to be a “higher risk” than others. Typically, this means travelers with extensive prior medical conditions who are headed to international destinations. Often times, these travelers are under the care of their regular physicians at home and will now have to temper the pleasure of international travel with the risk of being away from their care providers.

Adventure Doc health care providers work closely with your existing medical team, primary care doctors, oncologists, cardiologists or other providers to ensure your medical care in not interrupted while on adventure. By having a private travel and expedition health care provider that is in close communication with your regular care providers we help you continue your treatments, stay healthy and still enjoy your adventurous lifestyle.

Adventure Doc offers American Board Certified Physicians and Nationally Registered Paramedics to accompany you and your companions on your adventure. By minimizing your health care concerns while traveling, we allow you to focus on the fun, experience and companions you are enjoying. Our health care providers are able to carry advanced diagnostics, treatments and maintain direct contact with your private physicians to ensure your healthcare is maintained during your travels.