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Mining and mineral harvest is often a time consuming and costly endeavor. The need to provide premiere, on-site medical care to you workers, staff and contractors is paramount. Your austere locations often necessitate on-site 24/7 medical care. These sites can range from clinics in capital cities to remote camps in austere environments. Adventure Doc provides physicians, nurses, physician assistants and paramedics to staff these facilities.

In additional to their American Board Certification and National Registry, Adventure Doc providers receive additional training in occupational health, tropical medicine, remote site medical care and international health/repatriation. For our international clients we are able to provide Australian or EU licensed specialists, upon request.

Field Medical providers also frequently serve as public health experts evaluating matters of team safety, hygiene and procedure. Adventure Doc providers are specially trained to perform such duties as required by OSHA, water and food sanitation, water purification and education of team members.