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Protocols & Standing Orders


Adventure Doc field providers make use of a custom designed set of standing orders and “treatment protocols”. This proprietary set of information and guidelines are what allow our providers to operate and provide an incredibly high level of care in any location on the planet.

Experienced health care providers will be familiar with pre-standing protocols that serve as basic treatment guidelines. Our protocols have been modified, adapted and improved upon from common treatment modalities in use by the US Military, Public Health Services, Emergency Departments and Infectious Disease Societies. The use of protocols and standing orders allows our providers to deliver prompt, accurate, safe and proven medical treatment in any location.

The use of protocols and standing orders is particularly important with Adventure Doc Paramedics. Traditional emergency medicine providers are not trained, equipped or prepared to operate outside a rigid set of guidelines. Our paramedics are better trained, better equipped and better prepared to make use of Adventure Doc “standing orders”.

Through advanced training, familiarity with operation in austere environs and our 24/7 access to medical control, our paramedics and nurses can deliver a higher level of care comparable to their regular counterparts. Diagnosis, stabilization and treatment of illness and trauma are routine practice for our advanced providers. Further, our providers are trained to recognize warning signs that may necessitate transfer to a higher level of care.

Some of our protocols include:

  • Penetrating chest trauma and management
  • Extremity trauma management
  • Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Low back pain evaluation and management
  • Eye injuries, infections and management
  • Abdominal pain and management
  • Behavioral problem evaluation and treatment
  • Allergic reaction diagnosis and management

    All of our advanced protocols are conducted with the direct guidance of our medical control director who is a board certified physician, completed in real-time 24/7. Providers in the field have direct contact with our medical control directors to ensure second opinions on cases and assurance that the correct, safe and prompt level of care is being provided.

    Our Advanced Medical Protocols Ensure:

  • Prompt Medical Treatment
  • Accurate Medical Treatment
  • Safe Medical Care
  • Avoidance of unnecessary medical evacuation
  • Stabilization of conditions in the field
  • 24/7 consultation with a second provider