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The Adventure Doc Clinic provides doctor and paramedic services to travelers and adventurers, worldwide. Our expert HealthCare providers travel with your group to ensure total medical coverage, no matter your location or activity. For adventurers who do not need to be accompanied by a healthcare provider, we offer a 24/7 remote medical hotline (LINC) that allows real time consult with our travel health experts, from anywhere in the world.


Adventure Doc is the premier provider of health care solutions for international travelers and adventurers. All of our health care packages are highly customizable allowing us to tailor each adventure with the best medical care possible, for any required time and in any location imaginable.


Doctor Accompaniment


When travelers and adventurers want the security of having an American board certified and licensed expedition doctor traveling with them 24/7, they need our Expedition Doctor Service.  Our physicians are selected for their medical skills in fundamentals as well as advanced training and experience in remote and expeditionary medicine.  Adventure Doc physicians also have extensive experience in international health care and travel health.  This is truly a private, concierge style doctor for adventurers. 

Paramedic Accompaniment


Travelers may not always need or want the services of a physician.  Our expedition paramedic services are ideal for this scenario.  Adventure Doc Paramedics are Nationally Registered and benefit from additional training above their standard scope of practice.  Our paramedics travel with a very advanced set of medical diagnostics, medicines and supplies.  Medical control for all paramedics is provided through direct, real time communication with our physicians using a variety of devices to ensure contact at all times.

LINC - Location Independent day/Night Contact


Some expeditions or travelers want to be independent but still have the security of contact with an Expedition Physician.  Our solution for travelers looking to benefit from expert medical care while still being autonomous is the Location Independent day/Night Contact (LINC) Service.  LINC allows travelers, contractors, film crews or other adventurers the ability to have their own private expedition doctor on a 24/7 consult.  Adventure Doc provides our own communication systems that allow contact, from virtually anywhere in the world, directly to our team.  Expert health consultation is available at any time, for any reason. 

Custom Packages


We understand that the very nature of international, remote and expeditionary medicine cannot fit into a specific category. Based on this we offer customized packages that are individually designed to staisfy all the medical needs of your group, adventure or contract. Working directly with Adventure Doc staff, a customized and individual package is created to meet all your health care needs. Please contact us for more details.

Who Do We Accompany


Adventure Doc Accompaniment offers a wide range of medical options for those headed to austere, international or remote locations. This page provides a brief overview of the groups, individuals and companies that make use of our services. Each service is unique and specialized. Each service works directly with Adventure Doc Staff to ensure all your health care needs are met. .