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Medical Intelligence


The physicians and providers at Adventure Doc specialize in travel, expedition and remote medical care. This is our business and expertise just as a cardiologist specializes in disease of the heart or an orthopedist works with bones. We pride ourselves on our ability to gather, aggregate, interpret and filter medical intelligence as it relates to our travelers and patients.

Monitoring for disease outbreaks, drug resistant pathogens and the status of local healthcare are common services that we spend hours per day observing. Adventure Doc utilizes specialized and proprietary agencies as well as our privately developed contacts in international health to deliver the best care for our travelers and patients.

The gathering of intelligence is one component of our service. The implementation of this data and education of our patients/clients is the other portion of our medical intelligence service. Recognizing a potential disease outbreak is one thing but translation of this information into a usable model for actual risk mitigation by our travelers is another. Adventure Doc is able to aggregate emerging infectious disease data and deliver a clear and concise presentation to reduce traveler risk.